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Dame Sarah Storey stormed her way to her 16th Paralympic gold medal with an imperious victory in the Women’s C5 Road Time Trial. As defending champion from 2008, 2012 and 2016 in the event, all eyes were on Sarah especially given her unbeaten record at World Championships since 2009.

Within the first 8km Sarah was already 47s up on her nearest rival a cushion that proved vital as she was slowed by traffic on the course from other races in the closing stages of her ride. Racing over 3 laps of an undulating route, contained entirely within the compound of the Fuji International Speedway, Sarah cemented her victory by taking time out of the field over all three laps, catching everyone she was competing against except for the eventual bronze medallist who started over 5 minutes ahead on real time.

Final results confirmed victory by more than 90 seconds, Sarah was delighted with what she described as “the perfect conditions, to have one of my best ever performances on the time trial bike.”

Thanking her support crew back home, Sarah spoke of the impressive support she has had in conducting a project over the past two years in search of better aerodynamics. “I’ve been able to develop a position and equipment set up that works for me and my unique individual qualities,” said Sarah speaking to members of the press.

“I have to work with my strengths and weakness, but thanks to some of the most incredible practitioners in aerodynamics I have been able to reduce my drag and defy what the textbooks might tell you is an aerodynamic position. The key is to reduce drag and maximise the position for producing power and we have been able to achieve both which shows in this performance.”

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