Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching

Barney Storey

Barney is a qualified British Cycling Coach and has worked with riders from grassroots through to International Level. Prior to Beijing he was the Great Britain Para-Cycling Squad Sprint Coach for 3 years and has worked with riders on the Irish National team and Scottish Commonwealth Games squad. As a former road racer, international track rider in sprint events and having a major role in his wife Sarah’s endurance training, Barney is a well equipped all round coach.

Barney spent his early working life balancing a full-time job with his training, and following this experience is also well placed to support others taking on that challenge. All programmes are tailored to even the busiest of individuals and there is no issue in asking him for last minute changes. Barney understands how even the most organised of individuals can have their plans change and is supportive and accommodating to everyone.

Barney currently coaches a broad range of riders from grassroots to elite and his vast experience and understanding nature, means that he is a popular choice for riders of all ages.

Sarah Storey

Sarah Storey studied Sports Science at Leeds Metropolitan University, is a qualified Level 2 Swim Coach and was Head Coach of the North West Disability Swim Squad for 12 years.

Using her competitive experience and sports science background Sarah complements Barney’s skills by being able to input into training and racing advice should this be requested.

Sarah primarily focuses her coaching on a small roster of female riders and in this role also mentors them through the demands of elite racing. Sarah has been praised for her ability to create positive programmes around the challenges of exams and the transition from younger age group riding.

Team Storey Sport

Individual Coaching:

At £140 per month, there is only one coaching package* available through Team Storey Sport [age related discounts are available for Junior age and younger] and we operate by ensuring everyone gets the same level of support. Regardless of your goals in cycling, and whether you are racing regularly or not, we ensure you have the very best opportunity to seek your own personal best performance.

If you decide to sign up for coaching with us then an initial telephone consultation will take place. During this call all the relevant information regarding your goals, time available for training, planned competition or events schedule and preferred method of contact will be established. Adjustments to this can then be made at any time through the training diary route you choose with your coach. There is no requirement to buy any additional equipment such as a power meter and training can still be prescribed via heart rate zones. We phase your training to fit in with your competition or sportive event schedule and discuss whether additional race training events might be needed to assist with progress towards your bigger goal.

Feedback is provided as required and daily training plans written in pre-agreed blocks of time. If you are struggling with illness and injury and need a “day-to-day” approach this is also possible.

Contact with your coach is unlimited via email and mobile messaging and telephone calls can be arranged to suit your schedule.

Riders are requested to provide feedback so that their training can be monitored and whether you choose to work with a heart rate monitor or add in a power meter, we track your progress and adjust the training to ensure you are always working at the right levels.

There are a limited number of rider places available on our coaching roster to ensure everyone gets the right level of support. Coached riders can also choose membership of the Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club if they wish at no extra cost.

There is a minimum term of 6 months and riders who decide the coaching route is not for them can cancel by giving 1 months notice.

Contact us today with any further questions you may have.

*additional cost for a Training Peaks account, please ask for details.


Corporate Coaching/Team Building days:

Invite us to coach your next Team Building Day or provide coaching to your corporate group. Whether you are looking for a ride out with cycling enthusiasts within your company, or to entertain clients by having a tailor made Track Day, both Sarah and Barney are able to deliver at your event.

Contact us now with details of your event and to check availability.

Click on the button below to make an enquiry about coaching.

Please provide details about yourself, the level of riding you are doing, the events you are targeting and the type of training you have been doing in the past. Details on previous coaching history and whether or not you have worked with structured coaching in the past. If you have a preference for the coach please also let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are there any setup costs?

A: No, we conduct the telephone consultation as soon as possible after we have established over email that you would like to go ahead with the coaching. Your first month then starts immediately.

Q: How do I pay?

A: In advance by monthly standing order, usually on the 1st of each month. If you start midway through a month this can be accommodated and your first payment may be slightly more to accommodate the extended period of time.

Q: Can you visit me and attend my races?

A: This is primarily an internet based coaching package, common and popular in cycling. Event attendance may be possible for an additional charge, however you may also find we attend some events anyway through our own personal racing calendar.

Q: Why is there a limit and what happens if you have no space on the coached rider roster?

A: We keep our numbers at a manageable level to ensure we can deliver for everyone. If there is no space available we can either add you to a waiting list or recommend an alternative coach.

Q: Do you have other terms and conditions?

A: Yes, a full set of T&C’s will be available with the rider contract and initial registration documents.